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Simultaneous Interpretation, also known as Concurrent Interpreting, is a specialist form of interpretation service, best suited for large events featuring multilingual audiences. 

It is when a professional interpreter translates a speaker in real time, over speakers or headphones. You might be familiar with this type of interpretation, as it is commonly used at international summits, like the United Nations.

Simultaneous Interpreters provide the most immediate interpretations. They are delivered so quickly that there is no obvious pause between speech spoken in its original language, and the interpreter’s translated speech. The advantage of this type of interpretation is it allows all attendees of an event to listen to a speech or spoken comments at the same time


Linguist Point offers simultaneous interpretation services, delivered by native speaking professionals in a wide range of languages. Head over to our languages page to find the one that you need now. 

Our simultaneous interpreters are available at short notice, and are able to supply the necessary interpretation equipment, whether it’s microphones to deliver speeches, headphones for those listening to translations. As a highly experienced language agency, we’re always happy to provide advice on when simultaneous interpretations are the right translation solution, as well as the types of venues in which these interpretations work best.


Simultaneous Interpretations are best suited for events with multiple, multilingual attendees, that have some pre-prepared scripts, or at least that follows pre-agreed themes.  

While simultaneous interpretations allow for some deviations to pre-scripted lines, they are not suitable for translating conversations.   

The following occasions can always benefit from simultaneous interpretation solutions, when a multilingual audience is present:

     Large business meetings

     Conferences and Conventions

     Trade shows

     Board meetings

     Religious functions, and

●    Guided tours.

When not to use Simultaneous Interpretations

Simultaneous Interpretations are great for large events with a limited number of speakers, but they are not the most suitable form of interpretation for small meetings or gatherings, which benefit from unscripted conversations.  

It is not recommended that Simultaneous Interpretations are used for the following purposes:  

     Employee training programmes

     Physical therapy appointments



     Appointments with Government officials 

For these types of meetings, you should consider our Consecutive Interpretation Services


At Linguist Point, we pride ourselves in working with some of London’s best simultaneous interpreters. 

Our team of specialists deliver accurate, professional, simultaneous interpretations, at industry leading prices. We’re so prepared, we can even help you with equipment too. 

Every one of our interpreters is an industry and language expert, so they know exactly how to help you communicate perfectly with every interpretation.  

As one of the leading London-based translation agencies, we’re known for being safe, certified and we’re always doing our best to satisfy.  

That’s exactly why customers keep coming back, because at Linguist Point, you can be confident that we’ll deliver professional simultaneous interpretations, every time. 

Helping you communicate exactly what makes your business special, worldwide

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