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What Drives Us

Meeting your language requirements

what drives us

One of the principle goals of our organisation is to ensure that people from different countries and cultures are brought together and supported through communication.


We, Linguist Point, deliver a wide range of professional language and communication services to enhance the experience of limited English proficient clients and customers.

Whether you are a public-sector organisation, business or individual our services can help you to communicate effectively and thrive in today’s global environment.



Our range of professional communication services tailored to your needs


Telephone Interpreting

A telephone interpreter is ideal in situations where an interpreter is required to connect you with a limited English proficiency (LEP) person at short notice, for any unplanned bookings, or even at a pre-scheduled time. This is very effective in situations when you have an LEP individual who needs immediate attention; for example, an A&E patient or a small discussion that requires quick and effective engagement.

  • Connect people who are geographically distant from each other or cannot meet in person through telephone interpreting.
  • Enables multiple parties to communicate quickly and effectively, thereby resolving communication barriers.
  • It is cheaper and does not require too much paperwork (signing the interpreter’s timesheets).
  • Linguist Point is dedicated to quality and professionalism, ensuring that our clients do not experience any communication problems with our interpreting services. We understand the urgency that is often associated with telephone interpreting and so we guarantee that our telephone interpreters will be available to contact you in five minutes or less from the time you call for telephone services.

For more information about telephone interpreting services, or to discuss corporate telephone interpreting accounts, please contact one of our specialists at [email protected] or by telephone at 020 8523 5791.


Why choose us ?

Communication is the foundation of success


Why choose us

As non-native English speakers ourselves; we understand what impact a language barrier can have on peoples’ lives and wellbeing.

Based in London, we at Linguist Point deliver a wide range of client-focussed and efficient interpreting and translation services.

We have a proven track record for delivering interpreting and translation services to a variety of different venues in London, including international conferences, the NHS, local authorities and courts.

Our qualified interpreters and translators communicate in a range of languages, from Albanian to Zulu to British Sign Language. They are experienced in overcoming language barriers and operate with impartiality and complete honesty. Services delivered remain confidential and are not disclosure to third parties.

With an extensive network of qualified interpreters and translators we are also able to cover late and lastminute bookings.


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