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Why Have A Translation Services For Coronavirus?

Looking for translation services during these unprecidented times? You've found it here, at Linguistic Point, the home of professional translation services.

Coronavirus, lockdown, and social distancing, this is the new norm. COVID-19 has taken over 2020 since its breakout last December, putting the world into lockdown. More than ever, communication has become integral to the management and treatment of this severe pandemic crisis. Now patients, hospitals, governments, social services, and businesses around the world depend on vital translation services for coronavirus. In a globalised world, defeating this killer virus requires everyone to have equal access to the vast emerging new information. Translation services for coronavirus offer immediate solutions for aiding non-native speakers through complex information in diversely populous countries. Linguist barriers across health, employment, housing and benefits requires the right professional support to ensure the safety of all communities. This killer virus does not discriminate but services can. This current period and post-lockdown stress the importance of making information equally and freely available to all people.


Communication for all people is, in fact, a human right, making translation services for coronavirus fundamental for all organisations. Articles 19 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights expresses: “Everyone has a right to freedom of opinion and expression…this right includes freedom…to seek, receive and impart information and ideas”. Likewise, communication rights are extended further by Article 2 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. Accessible communication enjoins a foundation for all humans to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve wherever they are. Hence, in our globalised world, communication is not to be undervalued and needs upholding.

The importance of this communicative right during this pandemic cannot be stressed enough when it comes to helping save lives. This sudden global health crisis has meant people across the world are facing an uncertain period with new information and guidelines being released daily. It is vital information about the ongoing pandemic reaches all communities so we as humans and global citizens can defeat the effects of this virus. Doctors, researchers, government officials, businesses and organisations all play a significant role in bringing people together to overcome this crisis. Where information is plenty, not providing accessible communication is discriminatory. Professional translation services for coronavirus can help businesses, governments, and organisations meet this communicative right for the protection of lives.


Translation services for coronavirus are desperately needed at the heart of this pandemic to support the medical/hospital field. Many admitted patients speak different primary languages at a time when doctors wrestle with understanding the new complex virus. Vast new medical information is released daily in various languages as the entire world awaits a cure. For a medical or research team unfamiliar, publications in unfamiliar languages may be crucial to their efforts on the ground. Translated medical reports, research or findings can offer new ways to diagnose, manage and treat the virus within a country. For instance, linguist experts are needed to communicate complex information to experts across the globe for advancing strategies and treatments. Medical Report Translation is currently allowing doctors and researchers to stay updated on the continuous global stream of medical information. Hospitals look to particularly benefit from the remote, safe and accessible services of translation and interpretation agencies.

The diversity of patients being received places a greater demand for linguist experts. For many ethnic groups with first-generation family members, language has been a serious barrier to healthcare services. Many have found it difficult to understand the severity and guidelines around coronavirus, requiring closer communication with vulnerable minority communities. Public Health England found people from Black and ethnic minority backgrounds were 2-3 times more likely to die from coronavirus. While there are many factors, Medical interpretation Services will be needed across health services to effectively treat and support non-native speakers. Getting the latest information and guidelines in the strongest way to all communities requires the cultural connection of professional interpreters. Thus, interpretation/translation services for coronavirus will play a crucial role in supporting people and hospitals from all background to overcome this pandemic.


With countries easing out of lockdown, businesses will also urgently require translation services for coronavirus in their careful reopening. Life after this pandemic may never be the same. Businesses impacted by this crisis will have to adapt before things return to ‘normal’. Many services and stores will only be reopening for the first time. They face an unprecedented situation having to comply with new health guidelines and regulations for the protection of their customers. This means business reputation will be more at risk while the public diligently shop and return to employment. Both customers and employees around the world will need enough reassurance and encouragement to trust a business’ practice. The global scale to rebooting production and services safely subsequently places additional importance on translation services for coronavirus. A professional language translation service will provide companies to shape a clear and accurate image in their global communication and reopening.

This unfortunate period will also be awkward for continued work and release of new services and products. Businesses will need effective messages to worldwide followers, customers, and employees to ensure wellbeing. For instance, through product labelling, emails, manuals and even online conferences in various languages. Coronavirus lockdown and social distancing have led businesses to cleverly adapt through available technological infrastructure. This has made access to in-person translators and interpreters difficult for previously hosted international events. However, interpretation and translation services for coronavirus have equally adapted to meet language needs through online access. Language services will be particularly necessary for business to business interactions on a global scale. Companies need communication across languages that effectively expresses the safety and value of each other’s operation to sustain their relationships. Therefore, translation services for coronavirus will be essential to supporting businesses and restarting the economy.


Rebooting tourism will most depend on interpretation and translation services for coronavirus. The slow transition beyond lockdown is seeing a gradual but prompt restart of tourism. Many countries rely on tourism as a vital income source. Countries least affected or reached past threatening levels are inviting back tourists with still cautionary guidelines and measures. For instance, the EU reopened travel between ‘safe’ European countries and visitors from 15 non-EU countries. Other countries outside of Europe considered safe have also done the same with some scheduling upcoming dates for allowed visit . Hence, tourist destinations realise this will be an important period for holidaymakers and businesses. Many will be looking to places assured safe to relax and release the built-up stress from the pandemic and lockdown.

Putting travel back together in this difficult climate calls for extensive organisation and language support for all travellers. Tourists will need to be convinced that a country is safe and open to travel beyond its own government’s rulings. For instance, through translated leaflets, adverts and guides. Tourists will also require friendly support during their journey to and from the country. Travelling is stressful and as some people still desperately seek to escape, their travels will be threatened by more complexity. Therefore, they will need linguistic experts that will guide them through the detailed and changing information and measures to come to visit. Professional translation services UK this holiday will be vital to supporting travellers through language nuances for a smooth, safe trip.

Linguist Point is an interpreting and translation service that understands the importance of professional translation and interpreting services. Many Translation Services for coronavirus exist, we guarantee a proven service that upholds clients and their safety. We have experienced and qualified interpreters to meet your needs and make sure that the language barrier does not have a negative impact between individuals in our society.

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