Why You Should Translate or Localise Your Website into Brazilian Portuguese


The amount of website being published on the internet is growing exponentially, and English is no longer the dominant language of the web. Portuguese language is one of the world most spoken language. The language is the 6th most spoken language in the world. It is the official language of 9 different countries, with over 250 million speakers. This makes the language impossible to overlook.

Customers in local area demand a localised website, so as to be able to navigate through the site easily. For businesses with customers from Brazil, you need to make sure your site is localised to Brazilian Portuguese.

The Brazilian Portuguese website localization involves adapting the appearance, the functionality and language of a website to suit Brazilian Portuguese-speaking market.

The process of localization is not all about being understood. It is about making your customers feel at home. Please read our 10 benefits of website localisation to know the importance of web localisation or to find out more about how localise your website into Brazilian Portuguese https://linguistpoint.co.uk/10-benefits-website-localization/. To get quality links and likes in Brazil, you need to produce quality Portuguese content.

Having your website translated into Brazilian Portuguese language only, will not ensure high visibility in search engines. If your website is not meeting the internet standards, it will not be properly positioned in the Brazilian search engines, and all your prospective clients won’t be able to find you.

To position your website on the Brazilian search engine, you need to take into account all the necessary SEO practice. The translation has to be adapted to fit all the necessary requirements of SEO optimization. This will make your website ‘searchable’.

Brazilian Portuguese Translator

For every project to be successful in a different language speaking country, there is the need for language translation. There has been increase in demand for professional Brazilian translators. For this reason, there is a need to understand all the necessary qualification needed for a Brazilian Portuguese translator. A successful Brazilian Portuguese interpreter or translator need to develop specialized translation skills throughout the course of their career to stand out from the rest. Furthermore, they can help you to localise your website into Brazilian Portuguese. This will make your brand stand out possibly generate more revenue.

A Brazilian Portuguese translator’s professional experience will indicate that he or she have completely mastered all the terminology, the approach to subject matter research and the ability to maintain efficiency under a tight schedule.

Reasons why you should localise your website into Brazilian Portuguese

  1. It builds your website credibility on the international market.
  2. It helps your website to cross every form of language barriers
  3. It increase your business revenue
  4. It’s a cost effective alternative for global business.
  5. It attracts new customers, thereby increasing your business sales.
  6. It strengthens your brand

If your website is receiving traffic from areas where they do not speak your language. Language translation will help in improving your conversion rates in those areas. With this, you will be able to establish a tight connection with your global audience.


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