web localisation

web localisation

Web Localisation

In order to survive in today’s global economy, it is necessary to acknowledge the importance of website localisation.

Localisation is the process of adapting a product or service to a language or culture in order to ensure the brand appeals to its target audience and to create a niche within the brand.

Website localisation goes beyond simply translating content. The project management team at Linguist Point has years of experience working to modify images and change content to transform a company’s westernised website for a new localised platform. Our goal is to provide clients with a user-friendly and effective regional website that allows their business to flourish in the targeted market.

In overseeing your localisation project, our team will ensure this is carefully and effectively managed. As well as translation, the localisation services include:

  • ensuring the colours, images and formatting on your site are culturally appropriate, ensuring the text in the new language is visually appealing and it appropriately targets the audience, and selecting how much translation to ensure your globalised website has optimal impact.
  • our highly skilled translators and graphic and website designers work side by side to produce a high quality and impactful website that properly reflects your vision and is perfectly suited to the target market.

For more information about website localisation services, please contact one of our project managers at [email protected] or by telephone at 020 8523 5791.