The Role of Language Interpreters and Translators in the Modern Society


The more you read about the world, the more aware you will become about how the world grows increasingly flat. Anyone who has an interest in new cultures will be able to take an advantage of the wide range of communication technologies that people can use. With all the different cultures of the world coming together, and in contact with each other, there may sometimes be communication problems. Language interpreters and translators play an important role in our society today. They enhance communication by passing across information accurately from one language to another in different countries across the world. They provide different types of services. Professional interpreters deal with verbal communication while professional translators deal with written communication.

Language interpreters and translators play a very important role in different areas of our society today

  1. Specialized business interpreters.

This type of interpreters are involved with translation in various fields, such as economics, finance and marketing. They have sound knowledge of the respective businesses and markets they are involved with. They are professionals in this areas,and have gone through all certifications and trainings that are involved with interpreting in that field.

  1. Legal practice interpreter.

Lawyers don’t always assume that their clients can speak and read English. The role of an interpreter in this field is to facilitate communication between the various parties involved in any legal proceedings. The law is already complex and intimidating for a lay man. The language interpreter will be able to transfer messages from one language to another in a way that makes their intended meaning as understandable to the recipient as possible.

  1. Medical interpreters.

Medical interpreters help in promoting communication between hospital management and patients. Professional medical language interpreters have a strong knowledge of medical and conversational terms in both languages. They also know well about the cultural background of clients, which will enable them to be able to pass across the right information to the doctor.

  1. Conference interpreters:

Conference interpreters works with international bodies such as WHO, the World Bank etc. where participants come from around the world. There are times whereby these professional language interpreters are used as mediators among international businesses that operates in foreign countries. A professional conference interpreter often have the ability to interpret from at least two passive languages to one active language.

In order to make international communication a more accomplished thing, the field of translation is a blossoming one. One of the other areas of global interactions that really benefit from the use of interpretation is that of politics. Due to the type of global problems our species is faced with, it is important that everyone does as much work has possible in the field of international politics. Professional language interpreters assist in cross cultural communication among businesses by converting verbal or written languages into the target language.

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