Quality Policy

Guaranteeing the paramount quality is our prime focus. We scrutinize our clients’ affairs individually and classify the reservations according to the nature of booking, gender, religion, age etc.

We ensure that customers will get the translators as per their requirements e.g. getting an analyst who will truly understand the subject’s gravity for mental health. We monetize the basic details of our clients and complement it with our finest translators by acknowledging the possible connection between our interpreter and the client.

We are aware of our customers’ requirements and assign interpreters according to clients’ area of interest. Also, ensuring to appoint employees who will complete the challenging tasks like funerals without getting emotionally involved, our team of interpreters are well-versed.

Additionally, for quality service our interpreters receive an automated text message three hours before each assignment, confirming the time and address of the booking. Our Interpreters ensure to have a time-sheet, feedback form, mobile phone and an ID card.

We have an organized system to monitor the preferred or on-going interpreter for a specific client or case. Therefore, you can use the same interpreter continuously when required. Feedback is an essential part of our monitoring process. It keeps us abreast of general adherence to service expectations.