Dos and Don’ts of Professional Interpreters London in The Presence of Family and Friends of Clients


Translation and interpretation is a process that requires professionals, especially when it comes to both medical and court cases. Professional interpreters London allows individuals who do not understand the English language, the opportunity to hear and understand all what is been passed across to them. Given the ever-increasing migrant population, courtrooms and hospitals across UK are finding they’re in need of professional and qualified interpreters more than ever. Interpreters are used to bridge the language gaps that enable Limited English Proficiency (LEP) defendants and witnesses to communicate with the judge, attorneys and other courtroom officials. This also applies to medical areas. Interpreters help to bridge the language gap between the doctor and the patient.

There are times whereby the interpretation work is made difficult for the professional interpreters London, when the client comes along with a family or friend who also knows little or much about both languages. The friend or relative may decide to start doing the interpretation work thereby interrupting the professional interpreters London as they do their work. This kind of practice makes interpretation and translation services more difficult for professional interpreters London. There are some certain dos and don’ts that the interpreter must follow so that there is a quality service delivery. Here, we discuss this and hopefully prevent any wrong doing between the parties involved in this situation


  1. 1. You should realise that quality and professional interpretation/translation are your source of revenue. Always be polite before and after your face-to-face interpretation.
  2. 2. Maintain quality service delivery at all times, no matter how big or small your client is. Remember, your client’s network can be valued to you as it can recommend you to their friends and family and this can go on and on. You have to be extremely professional as well as keep your composure when the client’s friend/family members are interrupting or taking over the session. This put you ahead of competitors who aren’t professional. When situations like this arises, ask the family or friend to let you do your job, as well as the doctor. The doctor should tell the friend or family to let you do the work. If he/she does not, let them proceed and relax, enjoy your free time. However, if the friend/family misses a crucial info you need to let the doctor know as this can put the patient’s life at risk and sure you do not want that.
  3. 3. Be punctual always, we cannot stress the importance of this enough. It will allow you to introduce yourself to the client precisely in case you have not introduced before and explain what you are doing. Consequently, everyone will know their place. If you do not arrive early, the friend or family member will start doing the interpretation and your services may no longer be needed.
  4. 4. Contact the client if you feel that you are likely to be late even for 5 minutes. It is a sign of professionalism and respect.
  5. 5. Make notes whenever necessary to help you deliver the message accurately. Remember, your job is to break down the language barriers between your clients and your client’s client.
  6. 6. Remember that your services can be reviewed. Reviewers are used to seeing poor interpretation all the time. Instead of getting in a hot argument with the relation or friend, politely ask the client if you are no longer needed. You are only there to help break down the language barrier. If there is no interpretation for you, there is no point staying there.
  7. 7. Allow them to continue with the interpretation if the doctor is fine with it.
  8. 8. Let the doctor be aware that the relative or friend can jeopardize the accuracy of the message that is to be passed across. 


  1. 1. Create an avenue for the friend and relative to interpret or interrupt at all. You can politely tell them that you are there for that main purpose
  2. 2.Get into an argument with the relative or friend, as this may tarnish your professional image. Instead of arguing with them, stop and let them continue. It might work to let them, as the doctor might ask them to stop and let you do your job.
  3. 3. Don’t be upset because it’s not your fault. Remember you still get paid if you turn up on time or tell your client in advance you are likely to be late.
  4. 4. Do not blame your clients for the situation as it might be outside of their control.
  5. 5. Do not be pressured, if you feel that the family member or friend pretend that they know more than you. They might know a few things but when it comes to the technicalities of the job they are likely to fail so do not stress or panic. You are the Boss.

We, Linguist Point, hope that advice given helps you to bring the best out of you. Breaking down the language barrier may be what we do, but to be honest, we do more than that. We prevent people from being marginalized, as well disadvantaged due to their background, language or color. The world is changing for the best and we should not aim lesser.

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