Why the demand for high quality pharmaceutical translations has increased in the UK


Pharmaceutical translators understand the sensitive and delicate nature of their translation work. They know that they cannot afford to make any form of mistake because of the disastrous result it can bring. The pharmaceutical industry has been undergoing a lot of change lately due to global consolidation. This development has led to an increase in the demand for pharmaceutical translations by companies in the UK. The pharmaceutical industry has one of the largest market of any industry. With the invention of new drugs that are been developed daily to combat the diseases and condition that are affecting people all around the world. After the invention of the drugs, it must be tested through clinical trials. This practice is increasingly globalised, and it often takes place in countries that are different from the ones the drug was made. There are strict rules that have been put in place by the country’s native authorities to ensure that the drugs are legally transported.

In order to guarantee a smooth exportation process, a pharmaceutical translator is needed to translate to the destination country’s language. The pharmaceutical translator must be highly specialized in both the legal and chemical aspect of pharmacy. He or she must understand and translate every detail of the product and all other relevant legal processes.

Pharmaceutical terminologies are always difficult to understand by a normal translator. An expert with a lot of scientific background and a complete understanding of the industry is needed. They are familiar with all the acronyms that are used in the pharmaceutical world, which will help them to translate the document better. Their better understanding of the medical terms that are used in pharmacology and accurate translation has made their services to be on the increase lately.

A professional doing pharmaceutical translations will not only help translate and market your products, it will also ensure that the product reaches the right people and has the best possible result. Professional pharmaceutical translators are always sensitive to cultural differences that can interfere with patients from getting the treatment and advice that is needed. Clients who love to hire high quality translators do so because they would want someone who could note all the cultural differences and also put it into consideration.

Pharmaceutical translations are already complicated on its own. Apart from the language pairs, the industry also have its own list of terminologies, abbreviations and acronyms that differ in word and meaning in various languages. A professional translator is needed to make the words much easier and clearer to the patient. Some of the documents or cases that are handled and translated by pharmaceutical translators include:

  • Data sheet
  • Drug registration document
  • Adverse event source documents
  • Insert leaflets
  • Development safety update reports
  • Clinical trial
  • Drug approval document
  • Drug patents applications
  • Drug labelling and packaging
  • Medical devices, surgical instruments and equipment
  • Medical news
  • Drug distribution and marketing
  • Marketing communications collateral and product launches
  • Endpoint adjudication document

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