10 tips for travel companies doing online translation


Online translation strategies are very important than any other thing, for travel companies. 80% of consumers are unlikely to buy your travel services online if your website is not in their native language. The ability to communicate in your target customer’s language is very important in travel industry. Between the costly changes in your company’s content and the global scale of your target audience, translating your company’s materials can be both costly and time consuming. But it comes with a lot of advantage, on the long run. From hotels and airlines to online agencies, booking sites and more, every traveling business has the potential to attract international customer through translation.

Online translation offers a lot of advantage of its own. Here are ten online translation tips that will help ensure your company’s translations are accommodating as your global services.

1-Attract travellers globally and not just locally

It is very important that your language service provider offers linguist who not only know their target language, but he or she also specializes in the art of persuading consumers and communicating the benefits of your hospitality business. By doing this, they will be much more suitable for providing you with high quality travel, hospitality and leisure focused translation that will appease your global clients

2-Use human translation and not machines

Machine translation comes with a lot of errors and lacks creativity that is needed to appease your clients. Google constantly scans for machine translations, which hurt international search engine rankings. Travel content doesn’t just have to convey the right information, it also needs to be enticing. Given the right amount of context, human translation is your best bet in capturing an international audience.

3-Localise all consumer touch points

By doing this, international visitors will be able to access any part of your website in their local language. It is important to have a well translated online offering because, every customer touch point brings your brand to life.

4-Know your range of target markets

Traveling companies are trying to talk to customers in a wider range of countries, culture and language than any other. That is why localising is important. It allows travel companies to target people in the right country with a well translated, targeted advertising and booking platforms that meet their needs.

5-Accurate translation matters

It is vital that all travel companies deal with expert translators who have a strong knowledge of their target language. There is no room for errors or mistake in such type of translation. Translation must be provided timely, accurate and useful.

6- Make room for your frequent online translation updates, no matter how small.

It is almost certain that you are going to update your content frequently, so you need to make available room for those frequent translation updates. This will prevent you from going through the stress of transiting afresh.

7-Develop a scalable workflow

As your brand begins to translate contents at a greater speed and scale, traditional agencies will always have trouble keeping up. To keep the balance, you need to develop a scalable workflow that will allow large projects to be completed quickly and at a lower price tag.

8-Consider booking methods

Depending on the market your travel company is appealing to, it is crucial to meet the needs of consumers. Creating mobile sites in targeted languages is crucial for securing bookings and promoting holidays.

9-It is more than just language

Web localization is more than just straight language translation. Localization combines both translation and improving your company presence on the global scale together.

10-Don’t let poor user functionality make your destination less desirable

To avoid a negative effect and poor travel translations, make sure your translation provider instil a formal quality assurances measures into the entire translation process in order to meet all the necessary requirement that is needed in all the translation stages.

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