Mobile app localisation: 10 reasons why you need to do it


With over 3 million apps available for download on Google play and just a little fewer on iOS. Mobile app localisation is essential if you want to encourage the download, sales and reviews of your mobile app. Except you are just building your app for the sake of having one. If you are aiming to boost your business sales across the world, then mobile app localisation is vital. After all, why will a local customer want to download your English-only app, when they can get millions of other apps for download in their local language. Below are some of the reasons why you need to do mobile app localisation;

  1. 1.It brings unlimited sales: Investing in solid mobile app localisation strategy increases your number of sales per month. This is as a result of your mobile app been able to penetrate and gain more recognition and access into the global market.
  2. 2. Mobile app localisation gives you access to the global market:

    Without mobile app localisation, your mobile will just remain local, and only acceptable by the people in your environment. Localising your app will help in expanding your reach, as more people will download your app because it has been translated to their local language.

  3. 3. It increases the visibility of your business: Your app been popular within your locality, doesn’t mean you won’t have to localise it. Having a solid ASO strategy will encourage more downloads, as your app will appear to more people.
  4. 4. It helps your business to move ahead of other competitors: Most of your competitors have their websites written in English language only, which reduces their visibility on the global market. When you localise your mobile apps, customers will prefer using your mobile app, than your competitor’s own, because they understand your app better.
  5. 5. It improves customer’s user experience: Non-English customers finds it difficult using an all English mobile app. Most times, they operate or navigate through the app by guessing and the use of images. But with mobile localisation, they find everything easy, because it’s written in their own local language.
  6. 6. Guaranteed ROI (Return Of Investment): Good investment in mobile app localisation will yield a positive ROI. This is not an exact science, but studies shows that a localised app will have 128% more downloads than others.
  7. 7. It gives you the advantage of doing business in any country of your choice: Before going into mobile localisation for the first time, you have to determine your target audience. You can then translate your mobile app, to the country’s local language.
  8. 8. It improves your customer relationship: With the help of mobile app localisation, your non-English customers will be able to give feedback, suggestions and comments on their opinions about your company. Through this, you will be able to interact and serve them better.
  9. 9. Localised description and metatags are quick and easy: Localising your mobile app description is quick and easy to do. You can also use the opportunity to localise your app description to include some other important instruction that will make your app more accessible to foreign audiences.

Mobile app localisation is not expensive: Mobile app contains just few number of words, unlike online websites. Little investment is needed for localisation, and you can easily get it back within a couple of months or weeks.

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