How localisation can benefit the video game industry


The video game industry is ever growing and reaching more audiences around the world. Video games are played on multiple platforms such as consoles, computers and mobile devices. Thus they are available everywhere and to everyone. It is now more important than ever for developers to ensure that their games are localised properly so that it relates to the local culture and language. In this piece I will go through the benefits of localisation for the video games industry.

Connect with a global audience

Gaming is global and in every part of the world there are many gamers who enjoy playing video games. Therefore making sure your games are localised will help you reach a greater number of people. Not everyone will be play a game in English, so making sure that the game can be understood and played in another language is a must in order for you to reach a global audience.

Increase awareness of your brand

Ensuring that your video games are localised will enhance brand awareness and reputation. As more people get accustomed to see what you create. They will also spread the word about your brand to the local area. Consumers will buy from those they trust so once you build that trust with consumers this means that they will recognise your brand everywhere.

Localisation helps with that because it means that your brand can be understood in a different language not just on  its original one.

Competitive advantage

Localising your video games will give you an edge on the competition as you would have gone beyond expectation. This will put you ahead as others may not have done this or might have felt that leaving it to default language settings is appropriate.

When consumers see that your video games are in their native language and speech then they are more likely to stay loyal, rather than purchase from other video game makers out there.

Boost your return on investment (ROI)

Making sure that you invest in localisation will give you increase in your return on investment. Studies done on App Store games found that games that have been localised generate a higher download rate than those that have not been localised. Thus this shows the important of localisation and the returns that can be gained from it.


Video game localisation has become more important than ever before in this globe world we live in. You cannot simply disregard this process if you want your games to succeed and for your business to grow.

Make sure that localisation becomes an integral part of your business strategy and also be sure that it is done right to reach everyone around the world.

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