Why Language Classes Are Essential for Travel


With cheap, accessible flights the world has shrunk. Just select your destination and it’s possible. Not only this, but tourist bodies have devised creative ways for maximum enjoyment of holidays. Holiday activities and exotic locales are not the only things made accessible in the modern era. A boom in language classes has accommodated the desire to explore the world. Learning languages is not just a hobby. Language classes are essential for travel; although languages are more accessible, expecting locals to understand your native language is unfair. There will be many instances where you will need to speak the local language, so it is better to be prepared. 

Reasons Why Language Classes Are Essential for Travel

As mentioned previously, there will be emergency situations where knowing the local language will ease a tense situation. For example, you may have a medical emergency and need an ambulance. Knowing a simple sentence such as ‘Ambulance, please’ can signal to locals that you need their assistance. Even if you are not confident that you can achieve fluency, even knowing a few sentences can help. Language classes are essential for travel, as they provide you with the foundation to survive a range of situations. You could be passing through rural areas where speakers of your native language are scarce. If you have issues with theft or local police wish to check your background, there is a high chance they will not speak English, for example. Once again, you do not have to be fluent. A few sentences explaining who you are and your purpose for visiting will serve you well. If there are more complex issues, this will buy them enough time to secure an interpreter. This could also be the case for hospital situations. Whilst a local interpretation service could assist you, it would take time for them to get there. Some basic knowledge of the local language will help you through the basics until your interpreter arrives.

Let’s take Russia, as a detailed example. Although interest in the English language has doubled from 2003-2018 (16% to 32%), this refers to the 18-24 age group.[1] This leaves the older age groups out of the equation; they will not be able to communicate with you. The assumption that you will find an adequate English speaker if you have a problem, is slim. This is why language classes are essential for travel. 

Other Benefits of Language Classes for Travel

Who knows? There may be a possibility of a job in the country you are visiting. If you are enthusiastic about the local culture and see yourself living there, language classes can help accomplish this. The only way to settle successfully in a new country is to acquire the local language, especially where employment is concerned. Now, in some cases, people have managed to settle in enclaves/communities with other compatriots. Where you settle down is your decision. However, if you truly wish to soak up the country, you will want to ingratiate yourself with locals and survive on your own. Language classes are essential for travel, as they will ensure easier integration. There is the added benefit of bilingualism: companies will find you desirable and snap you up.

Language Classes for Travel AND Life Goals

Language classes are essential for travel, yet are not the sole incentive to learn new languages. There is also the possibility of meeting new people and forming bonds in your local area. You can boost your confidence and feel accomplished by your achievements. Learning a language is not easy. It requires lots of mishaps, stumbles and struggles (I speak from experience), but knowing you kept going till the end will be self-satisfying.


If we have changed your mind, then sign up for a language class and gain all the benefits. You will come away from each session buzzing, feeling more confident, and feeling socialised. Language learning does not have to be isolated. Give language classes a go.

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