How to learn Spanish outside of Spain


With the digital world that we now live in and people traveling to live in other parts of the world. It has never been easier to learn Spanish. There are several ways one can learn Spanish without having to be in Spain or travel to Spain in order to learn the language. I will take you through a few ways in which this can be done.

Learn Spanish using your phone

One way in order to learn Spanish would be to use your phone as a means to learn on the go and wherever you are. As we take our phones everywhere we go nowadays it makes it easy to learn. There are several apps and dedicated websites that you can use in order to learn and improve your Spanish.

Take a class to learn Spanish in your area

Another way to learn Spanish outside of Spain would be to take up Spanish lessons in your area. This helps a lot as it gives you the motivation to learn the language. It is also a good way for beginners to learn as teachers will take you step by step. Here at Linguist Point we provide people with the best tools to learn a new language like Spanish, we will set you up with dedicated teachers that will help you improve every step of the way.

 Spanish TV and Books

You can never go wrong with watching a bit of Spanish TV and reading basic Spanish books to help with pronunciation and vocabulary. This will also help you to understand the Spanish culture and what they enjoy as entertainment.

Another way to learn is to read books in Spanish this can help with grammar. Reading is a fantastic way to discover words and also you can practice writing what you read once you are confident enough. You can also listen to audiobooks in Spanish on your phone or tablet.

Make Spanish friends or Spanish speakers

Meeting and mixing with people that speak Spanish is very helpful as it allows you to practice the language. With the use of the internet it has never been easier to find local people that have the same interest as you do. Thus making use of apps  or the internet to find Spanish speakers and get to know them so that you can go for a coffee and test how good your Spanish really is.


Making sure you keep practicing will help you stay on top of your Spanish. Writing in a few lines or phrases in Spanish every so often can ensure you do not forget what you learn. Also practicing with others whenever you can is another plus that will assist you in keeping your Spanish speech fresh.

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