How Important Are Professional Medical Interpreters in Health Care Settings


The demand for professional medical interpreters to help doctors and patients communicate better has been on the increase lately. Professional health care interpreters are quite necessary to make the work of the doctors much easier when communicating with patients from a different cultural group.

With the help of professional interpreters, their work becomes easier. They will be able to overcome all linguistic barriers in patient’s relations. In health care facilities where there are no interpreters, patients who have limited English-speaking abilities are faced with lots of difficulties. Studies have shown that if there is a language barrier between the doctor and adult patients, there is a high probability of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment occurring–Joy-Shao/Hille-Halonen-Final—Project-work/Parveen-Ali-Speaking-my-patients-Language-booklet.pdf.

Professional Medical Interpreters

Professional medical interpreters are medical interpreters who have successfully passed through all the necessary training. They have gone through an accredited certification body. They have also been trained in all sort of medical terminology, in order to understand some of the complicated jargons associated with the medical field. Medical interpreting in Barking can happen over the telephone, in person or through remote video interpreting. In-person interpretation is much more preferred nowadays, because this method allows for linguists to observe the body language of the patients. Thereby assisting in deciphering spoken language.

Roles of a Professional interpreter in Barking

Some of the roles of professional interpreters includes:

  • They provide a precise and clear interpretation of the care provider’s questions and the patient’s answers. They are also open to additional question from the doctor, about what the patient response might mean.
  • They help in ensuring that everyone understand each other.
  • They understand the patient’s situation and specific issues, and might be able to provide the doctor with some cultural background information.
  • They explain the role of the doctor to the patient and family, and also encourage them to ask questions.
  • They assist the communication process without leading it.

Not providing a qualified interpreter to families with limited English-speaking abilities could have terrible consequences. It could lead to a lawsuit against the clinic. There are cases whereby a mother would sue a clinic because she lost her baby just because the clinic was not able to provide a professional medical interpreter. To avoid such cases, healthcare clinic must have a standby medical interpreter.  This will go a long way in helping limited English proficiency families.

However, in situation whereby a medical interpreter is not available on ground, there are lots of professional medical interpreters in Barking. You can easily get across to them via telephone calls or video calls to help out. Technological advancement have developed a long way to make remote medical interpreting in Barking possible.

Small health care clinics who doesn’t have enough money to pay for the services of a professional interpreter, can make use of bilingual staff members.

Before you go ahead in using your staff as interpreters, there is need to test their languages skills. Testing your staff language proficiency is crucial before allowing them to act as an interpreter. To avoid costly mistakes, be sure to have your bilingual employees takes the interpreter assessment or language proficiency test.

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