Fall in love with Spanish with these 10 Phrases!!!


Why fall in love with Spanish?

Did you know that the Spanish language is communicated in 21 state countries? Including Mexico, Peru and Chile. This makes up a total population of over 442 million people! That is a lot of people and a lot of countries with Spanish as their main language! So why not make your next holiday to Mexico a memorable one and learn Spanish? Imagine being able to tell the waiter your entire order in Spanish. Now that would be an achievement. Or imagine you land a new job requiring oversees travel to Costa Rica? The opportunities are endless, and your Spanish can be too! Learning Spanish may not only break down the language barrier. It may even break down the barrier between you and your crush! That’s if you are too shy to approach them of course. Did you know that Spanish is a romantic language? So if there are any unspoken words between you and your ex, then learn Spanish! Now we all know the odd Spanish word or two, Hola (Hi) or Muchos Gracias (bye). But I am going to teach you phrases that will make you fall in love with Spanish.

Words to make you fall in love with Spanish

1. I love you very much – Te quiero (mucho)

Now you will not be using this phrase whilst ordering some Paella. However, it may be worth using on your partner or your family members. So why not fall in love with Spanish whilst you also share love. Relationships are all about spending time with the ones you love and making memories.

2. Do you have a girlfriend (boyfriend)? – Tienes novia(o)”

What other phrase will make you fall in love with Spanish, and get you a date at the same time? Try this on your crush and I guarantee you won’t be unimpressed.

3. I miss you (a lot)- Me haces (mucha) falta

This phrase will ought to work when you are away from your loved ones or partner,

4. You are very pretty/lovely“Eres muy linda(o)

If you are struggling for words to tell your crush, try this! It might even make her fall in love with Spanish too!

5. A very handsome guy- “Papacito rico”

Ladies! Now this may be a common phrase you use to describe your guy crush to your bff. So why not try it on him yourself. I bet you Spanish won’t be the only thing he falls in love with!

6. I’m very fortunate to know you- “Soy muy afortunado(a) de conocerte


You may have a business meeting in Peru and learn some new skills from a Spanish co-worker. Why not show your appreciation to them by saying it in Spanish!

7. What’s up?- “Que pasa?

Fall in love with Spanish slang. This is commonly used when greeting a mate.

 8. Taxi- “Taxi”

This one is from Chile. Fall in love with Spanish scenery as you travel in these.

 9. Black coffee-“Tinto”

Fall in love with Spanish coffee when you drink these in the morning. This one is also from Chile

 10. Bless You- “Salud”

Might be helpful to say this after someone sneezes.

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