How ESOL Lessons Can Help You Realise Your Potential


Learning English is vital when living in the United Kingdom. English is the world’s lingua franca (common language), thus its importance cannot be stressed enough. Learning the language will also help you carry out everyday tasks from shopping, travelling, learning directions and reading newspapers.
Learning English can help you integrate better and be part of the local community. Attending ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes will benefit you, as you will be able to learn at your own speed and will have the support that you need.

Some people will prefer to teach themselves through self-teaching books or interacting with the locals. However, self-teaching and local interaction will not be as effective as being taught in a classroom. The experience of classroom learning is vastly different. There is more assistance with pronunciation and you have a native speaker to guide you through the difficult grammar.

ESOL for Refugees
As a refugee, learning a new language can be difficult as it would be the first you hear a new language spoken around you. This is where ESOL lessons can help you learn and teach you how to speak like a local. It is a great way to develop your English as you will be with others that can help and they can also practice with you. It will be a welcoming and friendly environment where you can take your time to learn English at your own pace. You will not be judged on how quick you learn as each individual learns differently. There will also be others like you within the classroom; you can share your experience of learning English with them.

Get to Know the Local Culture
Attending ESOL classes provides the opportunity to absorb the local culture quicker. For example, you can learn about the society’s governance, regions, educational system and many more. Even lighter topics such as sports, weather and food can accelerate fluency. As the more you learn about your surroundings the better your English will become.

By learning English in ESOL classes, you learn how to interact with locals and be part of the community. This will help you feel more involved rather than feeling isolated. When you have improved your English speaking skills you can volunteer in your local area, which will increase your confidence.

ESOL for Business
If you are a business looking to recruit from abroad, ESOL classes are for you. For example, you may need hotel staff or nurses and you want them to learn English. ESOL classes are the best way to help your employees learn to speak the language. This will enhance the skills of your employees and enable you to get the best out of them. With newfound confidence, they will be able to contribute and provide better service to customers. You will also create a sense of togetherness within the company; everyone will be able to communicate with each other. No one will feel left out.

Improve Your Education Prospects
As an international student, you can improve your education prospects by enrolling in ESOL classes. You will be able to open more doors for yourself by developing your English skills. Improving your English will also allow you to do more courses and go up a level in your education. For example, you can do GCSE English where you learn how to write essays and read poems. Also, you will be able to do university courses that can enhance your skills further and gain you a path to employment.

Finding Work
Improving and learning English as a second language will undoubtedly help you find work in the UK. You will be able to read and understand applications, also understanding your rights as an employee. In addition, increasing your language skills will make the interviewer process smoother and less nerve-wracking. Interviews are stressful enough without the added language barrier.


To conclude, learning English cannot be avoided if you want to be part of the community, improve your education prospects and seek employment. ESOL classes will help you better your English skills and it will increase your confidence when interacting with others.

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