Difference between Human Translation and Machine Translation


Language translation is an essential tool for communication in business transactions, between companies and their customers. The most common way of translation in Barking is to go through a professional translator in Barking. But over the past few years, the world have seen a rise in the use of machine translation. The science and technology of machine translation has been in existence since 1954 when it first made its debut. During its first test, sixty Russian sentences was successfully translated into English solely through a machine translation.

There have been contemplations over machine translation due to its lack of accuracy over the past years. A good translation can be judged based on how well it flows. If a translation is properly done, the reader will never know the text has been translated. But once a reader detect that the text was translated, then the translation was not done by a professional. There are lots of positive and negative review to both human translation and machine translation.

Professional Translator in Barking

Certified translators in Barking are most often native speakers of the target language. They have gone through all the necessary training and certifications to become a professional in the field of language translation. They also have a cultural and historical understanding of both language in order to be able to produce an accurate translation. Professional translators are best at molding and shaping a piece of text into its perfect form while staying true to the author’s intended meaning.

Pros of Human translation

  • Human translators go through the stress of proofreading and editing reviews, in order to translate and deliver the right message.
  • Human translation is always accurate and they ensure a complete understanding between both parties.
  • Human translators are creative in the use of language.
  • To capture the same meaning, a professional human translator can interpret the context instead of just translating the word.

Cons of Human translation

  • A professional translator in Barking will hardly ever work for free
  • The turnaround time for human translation is longer

Hybrid Machine Translation

Machine translation can be of great use when you need to translate a text that is not critical, to be translated within the shortest time. This translation may appear as a good way to save money, but you need to be careful when and where it is used. There are some cases whereby some machine translators basically provide a word-for-word translation of the words given, which will lead to a terrible result. Hybrid machine translation first analyze the structure of each phrase and term within the source file before translating. In some language, some words can have various possible meaning depending on the context.

Pros of Machine Translation

  • Most machine translation apps are free and available for use to everyone
  • Machine translation have a quick turnaround time
  • There are various language options to choose from when using the translation app.
  • There are daily improvement in the technology of machine translation.

Cons of Machine Translation

  • There are times whereby the translation does not work at all
  • Context can’t be translated by a machine
  • The level of accuracy a times are really low
  • Machine translations can cause some costly mistakes
  • Machine translations can’t translate feelings and emotions

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