Companies that Invest in Translation have a boost in total revenue


Business operators need to justify all expenditure. Though some outlays that keeps the business running, like paying for electricity doesn’t require much justification. Other budgetary aspect of the company are needed to be justified. For example, translation services. Without the translation services many customers will be unable to read your website, the owners manual that comes with your products and other packaging. Since translation technology probably would make up a sizable portion of a companies budget, a first timer that want to include this service into their business would need to know that it is a good investment.

According to some research, it was found out that over 500 companies that invested in translation services are more likely to experience an increase in their total revenue. Although other factors such as what competitors did or a new product you launched may also lead to a boost in revenue for your company. However, the existence or introduction of document translation, or other forms of business translation have contributed to these boost in business revenue. Without the provision of information in local languages, your business wouldn’t have experienced some of these key performances.

Reasons why some companies translate

  • To improve customer service. A lot of companies make use of certified document translation just to improve or meet up with local expectations for customer services.
  • Grow revenue. Companies are all looking for a way to increase their monthly and yearly revenue. A lot of them turn to document translation services in order to increase their turnover in the global market.
  • Comply with laws and regulation. Most companies use certified document translation in order to meet up with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Expand market share. Quality document translation will help in reaching more customers in market areas where the company already have a presence.
  • Increase brand value. Most companies have resulted to document translation services as a way to maintain or increase their brand value.

All this have a positive impact on the total revenue of the company, when it is done the right way.

Survey shows a connection between a boost in business revenue or business performance and translation investment aimed at employees retention, an improved communication, and competitiveness.

  • Companies that invest in translation services would experience an increase in revenue.
  • A translated business information will enable partners to boost their revenue and profit. Businesses with quality document translation will be able to communicate and retain their partners,which will definitely show an increase in their revenue
  • Translating for employees leads to profit making. Companies that offer translation service for some of their employees are more likely to make more profit than their counterparts who doesn’t.
  • Prioritizing legal requirements affects the profitability and revenue of companies. Companies that offers translation service to meet legal requirements are more likely to have an increase in revenue.

Areas whereby quality translation services are mostly needed includes health care, financial services, insurance, government and general business needs. One thing you should be sure of, is that it won’t take long to earn a return on your investment, once you invest in translation service.

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