App Localisation and Translation Services


Linguist Point is one of the leading providers of app localisation and translation service in the industry, especially throughout the UK. The company can localise any mobile application for virtually any market and device. Our translation and localisation services allow developers and app owners to easily reach new markets and users by directly translating or localising the application without affecting the underlying code. A lot of companies with mobile apps have opted for app localisation because of the following importance it provides:

  1. Survey shows that, more than half of global consumers only buy products from apps that provide them with information in their own language.
  2. App localisation enables your business to reach new markets. It also increases your market share in countries where multiple languages are spoken.
  3. Localising and translating keywords and metadata can help make your brand and products more visible across the globe.
  4. The use of app localisation and app testing can result in a 148% increase in the number of downloads per country.
  5. With the use of app localisation and translation services, you can target a specific market with promotions and notifications, regardless of the time or location.
  6. Communicating with your clients in their various local language will increase their trust in you. It will also help in building a positive interaction.

Translating and localising your app may seem complicated at first. But once you understand all the service process, you will find out that it is quite easy. App translation involves your app description as well as your app’s user interface. In other to be able to do all this, there is need to access all those snippets of information which either will be an XML file or Apple string files. The process is more about ensuring that the aesthetics of your app meets all the local needs and expectations.

App localisation and translation can only be done by experts who have the linguistic ability and coding expertise to localise your app in various languages, across multiple platforms, for any market. The expert must be able to understand the complexity of the various language you are going to use. He or she must know that app localisation is not just about changing the words from one language to another. It’s about understanding the meaning behind them. Such a person must therefore appreciate its intent, before the translation process begins.

Some of the processes involved in app localisation and translation includes:

  • Translation: This is one of the major process involved in app localization. This must be done by a group of professionals. At Linguist Point, our professional translators will help in translating and localising all text.
  • Designing for app localisation: Our group of experts ensure that your source content is multiple language ready and that your application code is written to allow you to create versions of your products in other languages at a lower cost.
  • Ensuring compatibility: We use linguistic testing to ensure that all localised texts are compatible and fit parameters
  • Testing: Your app is tested by programmers and users to ensure the quality of the language.

Linguist Point aims to bridge the linguistic gap between businesses, cultures and people across the UK and Beyond. We enable businesses to engage and communicate with global audience efficiently in more  than 100 languages. Contact us today and navigate in the international waters safely 020 8523 5791