5 Reasons why machine translation is overrated


Machine translation have many benefit, but they are also not flawless systems of translation. In the past, when we had to figure out the meaning or translation of a word from another language, we make use of a dictionary. This method was not only time consuming, it was also irritating because it was difficult to interpret the meanings. Translating the entire paragraph based on the translated word could be very difficult, because one word had several meanings.

Nowadays, it is hard to ignore the increasing prevalence of machine translation, as technology in the translation industry is constantly optimized. Despite all the improvements we have seen in machine translation, the technology is still highly overrated, because it still has a lot of limitations that shouldn’t be there. Machine translation in London, despite its technological advances, is still unable to solve some numerous task that only a professional translator in Barking can solve. Most times, machine translation service on the internet seems more like a dictionary, than a translator. Some of the reasons why machine translation is overrated is:

  1. Each language that is supposed to be translated by the machine comes from a complex mix of culture and tradition, which simply cannot be understood by computers at this stage. Professional human translators in Barking possess an awareness of the context and the target cultures in question, which enables them to give a faithful and accurate translation. Machine translators, with their automatic process will never be able to do this.
  2. The most common belief is that machine translator is more general and more powerful than it really is. Machine translators are good at things machine translators are good at and are bad at everything else. They are majorly made to give an idea of what a word means in a different language. If you listen to some machine translation in London, you will believe that a professional human translator will do a better job with the translation.
  3. Machine tools are automatic and frequently produce errors in specialized fields that involve technical writing in certain professions. Some of this word in question are not recognized by the machine. This makes it difficult for it to do a perfect job.
  4. There are a lot of local terms and expression and automatic translation services that are found online cannot translate them. A language spoken in a country may differ in many ways from the language spoken in another part of the world.
  5. It is important that professional translators understand the context of the text to accurately portray it. Machine translation makes no consideration of the context, which may lead to the creation of unintelligible phrases on a constant basis.

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To conclude one can suggest that even dough that Machine Translation is not  optimized to do things that human translator does now, it may be able in future to do so. This might be due to the amount of data it collects constantly.

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