The Difference between European Portuguese Translation and Brazilian Portuguese


The Portuguese language is widely regarded as one of the most popular languages in the world. Just like English, German, French and Dutch, Portuguese is a language spoken in almost all continents of the world. In fact, it is the major language of some countries around Africa, South America, and Europe. Although the language originates from Portugal, it has spread to other parts of the world due to colonization (Brazil) and immigration.

Due to this diversity, there have been variations in the language, both in spelling, pronunciation and style, just like English language. This variation has grossly affected direct translation of the language. Although it is the same Portuguese spoken in Africa and Europe, one can notice a vast difference in the style, pronunciation, spelling and delivery.

This variation is majorly noticed between the biggest countries that “own” the language: Portugal and Brazil. With the latter colonized by the former, Portuguese became the official language of both countries. Despite both countries “sharing” this same language, there has been some variation in the style and pronunciation of certain vowels, syntaxes and other parts of the language.

This variation in style has been a problem for most translators, especially translators and interpreters from outside these regions; hence, the need for a professional European Portuguese translator/interpreter or a professional Brazilian translator/interpreter. While it is often difficult to differentiate between the variations of European and Brazilian Portuguese, European or Brazilian interpreters and translators not only correctly interpret and translate as needed, they also professionally differentiate between the two. It takes a natural Portuguese speaker or learned Portuguese speaker to differentiate between the variation in the languages.

Language barrier has been one of the major problems in the international business setting. It has been a persistent issue and causes hitches during conversations between international colleagues and clients. It is no news that the easiest way to solve this challenge is to introduce professional interpreters that understand the differences and variations between languages.

The Portuguese language, for instance, vary in pronunciation, syntaxes, spellings and vocabularies and it takes ONLY a professional European Portuguese translator or a professional Brazilian Portuguese interpreter to differentiate between them. As much as getting an interpreter or translator is important, it is more crucial to get the perfect and professional interpreter or translator that understands the variation.

European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese are the two main types of Portuguese widely spoken and accepted as the standard Portuguese.  European and Brazilian Portuguese are two different target languages and it is vital to ensure that your phrases, sentence construction and examples are relevant to the scenario. Having a vivid understanding of both languages will aid in relevant interpretation as well as communication. This is the main reason why the importance of professional interpreters who understand the intricate parts of the language cannot be overemphasized.

A professional interpreter/translator generally understands the cultural difference in in the languages. For instance, a Brazilian Portuguese translator or interpreter translates, putting the Brazilian Portuguese culture in mind, as well as other similar factors.  To enhance communication, it is essential to avoid mixing several language dialect and synonyms for different terminology.

A professional European Portuguese translator/interpreter focuses on audience based in Africa or parts of Asia while a Brazilian Portuguese Interpreter’s target audience should be those based in USA. Understanding terminologies and vocabulary used by them is very important in terms of translation in order to avoid confusion.

Although Brazilian and European Portuguese share huge similarities, they vary in lots of ways. It is very essential to avoid translating Brazilian Portuguese as European and vice versa, hence the need for a professional Portuguese translator/interpreter.

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