10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cost-Effective Interpreting and Translation Service


The demand for professional Interpreters and Language Translators has skyrocketed recently. This is largely due to overall expansion of the international market and the need for constant communication between international partners and clients. This is not only restricted to the business sector, Language Translators and interpreters are also needed in other basic spheres such as hospitals, social services, legal and prison visitation. Language translators and interpreters have helped ease the stress and tension during international negotiations and discussions.

Hiring a cost effective interpreting and translation service has topped of the to-do list of international and some local companies of late. While it is so important to hire a cost-effective professional translator or interpreter, it is very necessary to consider some basic factors before deciding the one to go with.

Let us take a quick look at the 10 basic questions to ask before choosing a cost-effective interpreting and translation service.

  1. What Language and Dialect Do You Need For Your Translation and Interpretation?

    Most of the time, international business owners, negotiators and contractors often know the Language they need translated or interpreted but are not sure of the dialect. For instance, there is variation between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. To get more information read our article called why you should translate or localise your website into Brazilian Portuguese https://linguistpoint.co.uk/why-you-should-translate-or-localise-your-website-into-brazilian-portuguese/. It is important to know the exact language and dialect you need before hiring a professional translator or interpreter.

  2. Are the professional Translation and Interpretation Services experienced?

It is not enough to be a good translator. Since the success of your conversation hugely depends on you interpreter or translator, it is important to hire a qualified and certified translator. You should consider only agencies that are experienced in what they do.

  1. What Interpretation Services Do You Need?

Although there are lots of professional and qualified translators in Barking, it is crucial to specify the interpretation service you need. Translators are trained differently for various fields including health, legal and social services. It is important to pick a cost-effective translator based on the service you require.

  1. Does the service have technical Infrastructure to support you work?

Depending on the scope of the project you are on, you may need some substantial technical infrastructure available to complete the work. It is essential for the translation service you are choosing to have basic technology to help in such situations.

  1. How Does the Translation Service Handle Confidential Information?

Confidential information is sure to be revealed during business and strategic conversations. How well the language translators and interpreters service handles confidential information must be a factor to consider before deciding one which to go with.

  1. What Do Others Say About the Translation Service?

Companies and services talk about themselves. They easily highlight the flaws and strengths of consulting services. Use this to your advantage; ask questions about the translating service you want to go for. Don’t assure, ask for references.

  1. How Consistent is the Translator Service?

You will probably get this when you ask for references. If you need the translating service consistently, it is essential to enquire how consistent they are in delivery quality.

  1. Do I need a Translator or an Interpreter and why?

This is a common mistake people make. You must identify which one you need before hiring a translation or interpretation service.

A translator simply translates written text from one language to another while an interpreter listens to a “foreign” speaker and verbally converts what is being said to a specific language.

Language translators and interpreters can help you with any language barrier  you face with your client. Studies have also suggested that companies that invest in translation services tend to experience an increase in revenue.

  1. What is the Availability of the Services They Offer?

It is essential to confirm the availability of the translation and interpreting services you are hiring. It is always advisable to go for translation and interpreting services that offer 24/7 service, seven days a week. Also enquire about the mode of contact of the services in case they are needed urgently.

  1. How well do they Understand Business Culture?

It is not enough to be a great interpreter, developing, understanding and working in line with business culture is important. The communication skill of an interpreter or translator must involve the ability to understand business norms and general cultures.

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