10 Big Industries That Can Benefit From Language Translation Services


In our present digital age, people across the world are interacting with each other, more than they ever done before. As these major cities transform into a global communities, communication between these people has become a major need of the hour today. With dozen of major languages all over the world, translation services are required by many people who do business in an array of industries. The major obstacle in the world is the ability to understand and speak each other’s language. This is where translation services and interpretation services comes in. Top industries of high importance that mainly make products and services more accessible and useful to their customers should make use of language translation services to make their products and services more familiar to their customers. There are a lot of big industries that can benefit from language translation services. We will be discussing some of the top 10 industries that can benefit from language translation services.

Translation for Banking and Finance

This particular industry is one of the important industry that can benefit hugely from language translation service, for a whole lot of reasons. To begin with, a couple that just emigrated to a new country, looking for a bank loan to finance their business, or perhaps to take out a mortgage to buy a home would find it difficult communicating with the bank manager and staff of the bank. Before the bank can give out such amount of money, they will need to know one or two things about the couple. Things like, why they need such amount of money, how much they would need, and whether they would be able to pay back the amount of money. The bank manager would have to ask a lot of delicate and in-depth questions, before any amount of money is released. In situations like this, there would have to be no risk of a lack of communication ever occurring, as there will be a lot of money at stake.

Translation for Medical and Life Science Industry

The medical and life science industry are both industries with the need of competent translation and interpretation services. Both organizations need translators for patient’s record, prescription information, doctors manual, medical redacts, and other form of instructions. Professional translators can help pharmaceutical and health care industries to provide all the necessary information to their clients. Professional translators can help in converting communication materials into a targeted country’s language, for companies that are seeking to expand their market on a global scale. This service would be of great benefits to medical and all life science related industries.

Translation for Real Estate

Travelling around the world has been made much easier today than it was two decades ago. People now view any destination not only as a potential holiday, but sometimes as a second home. Buying a house or an apartment in a different country is not a far-fetched idea. The process of acquiring a property abroad, however, tends to be more complicated.

Sales contracts, leases, and other agreements must comply with the legal systems of both countries. Legal translators help keep these documents in line with the law across all languages involved.

Translation for Information and Technology

With the advent of technology, the information technology sector has been growing globally. Companies in this sector have managed all sort of projects internationally daily. The demand for language translation service in the information technology world to translate their technical documents into different languages, so has to be able to meet their client’s global need has been on increase. Translating their technical jargons may not be easy for a translator without a proper knowledge and expertise in the area. A professional language translator, with the right level of technical translation expertise in this field is therefore needed.

Legal Translation

While working in a global environment, there are times you may need to understand a proposal that is put forth by a global vendor. In such cases, it is very important to understand all the details of the proposal as well as the legal information accurately.

Hence due to this, the legal industry has a great need for translation services, and there are many companies that specifically translate only legal documents for their customers. The legal translator can helps in translating all the legal documents and proposal to the client, and also help in explaining some of the local laws to the client. An accurate translation is needed to make sure that a client understand his or her legal right. Due to only concentrating on legal documents the translation has higher scope of being more accurate and will further help you clearly understand the legal matters of the proposal or of other documents.

Travel and Tourism Industry Translation

Language translation services have helped a lot of companies in the travel and tourism industry to increase their monthly revenue. The use of a professional language translator can help a company in that industry to provide all the necessary information and service in various languages that can be understood by their clients. Companies operating in this sector translate their travel documents, brochures, leaflets and terms and condition document in different languages for foreign customers to be able to read and have a better understanding of their business. Translation would also provide tourist with specific instructions they need to know about a particular place they are visiting.

Translation for Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is becoming more and more global. From aerospace and automotive to industrial equipment and consumer goods. The need of translation services are required in translating some important documents in this field. Some of the documents needed to be translated based on the country’s local laws include, contracts, user manuals, product information, licenses, government compliances and tax forms and trademarks. All this documents need to be translated to different languages before they can be exported to other countries. The use of a professional translator is very important in offering this service, for the sake of accuracy.

Language Translation Services for Scientific Research

The use of a professional translator are often needed for scientific research. Scientific research teams are often made of people from different countries, with different cultural backgrounds, speaking different languages. In order for them to be able to work together and understand themselves well, to be able to raise world-wide awareness, they will need the services of a translator. Their findings must also be compiled and then translated to different languages so as to be able to be published on a global scale.

Website Translation and Localisation Service for Global Exposure and Credibility

This is one of the major growth areas for language translation services in the present world. In the present world, more than 80% of the world population make use of the internet to search for information, services, products, movies, connections and also for making of purchase. It is important for your web content to be localised or translated to the local languages of your target country. The major advantage of accurate localisation include an enhanced website traffic, increase in marketability and more conversion. It will also help your business to take advantage of a rapidly growing global market.

Companies operating on a global scale would need a translation partner to be able to relay their information to their other partners easily. This will make the implementation of new policy and procedure much easier to relate to foreign partners. Translation services are of great help to companies that are trading globally. It will allow you to reach your global market fast beyond your expectations in terms of broader audience, huge profits and increased sales.

Whatever type of business you are running, a technical document translation will boost your online presence. Not only will your products and services hit the global stage, your business will also see an endless possibilities of growth

Translation for the Police Force

The police force is one of the government department that benefit greatly from language translation services. There are times whereby the police have to deal with individuals who speak languages that are different from the country’s native local languages. A translator would be needed for an accurate translation. The translator would be able to help both parties with any technical document translation that is required.

Identifying a professional language translation services for your business is very easy with a little bit of research. A professional translation company will have a team of experienced and knowledgeable translators who will easily recognize your business motives. The internet is one of the various places you can get their services. Several translation companies have online presence, with great interactive websites.

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