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Searching for that perfect contract translation services? Look no further than Linguist Point, the home of exceptional, human contract translation services.


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Linguist Point is a professional translation agency, specialised in providing businesses with official document translation services, including certified Contract translations. Our Contract translations are recognised by UK Courts, giving you the confidence you need when making important decisions for your business.



Our legal contract translation services includes are flexible, covering all forms of contract, including partnership agreements, terms of service with a supplier, overseas property transaction contracts, employment contracts and non-disclosure agreements. In business, it’s vital that you know exactly what you’re signing, particularly when it’s not written in your mother tongue. That’s why we provide accurate and cost effective translations from native speaking legal professionals, giving you the confidence you need to sign on the dotted line.


In the world of business, we know that discretion is key. The confidentiality of our services are why we’re trusted to accurately translate Contracts in over 100 languages for private and professional clients all over the world. Our Contract translation services are fast, reliable and very affordable. More importantly, they’re 100% certified. But that’s not all, we do more than translate, ensuring that every one of our translated contracts is formatted exactly like the original.


That’s why we’re London’s first choice for Contract translations.


Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what type of certification you need for your official document translation.

There are three ways that a translation is certified and notarised in the UK. These are basic certification, sworn certification and legalisation, also known as apostille.

The type of certification you will need depends on what you will be using your translation for.

At Linguist Point, we’re able to offer all levels of certification, as required for our official document translations.

Find out more on the different types of  Official Certification and Notarisation here.



At Linguist Point, we pride ourselves in working with some of London’s best translators.

Our team of specialists deliver accurate, professional, Contract translations, at industry leading prices.

Every one of our interpreters is an industry and language expert, so they know exactly how to help you communicate perfectly with every translation.

As one of the leading London-based translation agencies, we’re known for being safe, certified and we’re always doing our best to satisfy.

That’s exactly why customers keep coming back, because at Linguist Point, you can be confident that we’ll deliver great Contract translations, every time.

Helping you communicate exactly what makes your business special, worldwide.

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